Adriana Alupei


As one of the first volunteers, I saw the great development this association had in such a short time. The secret behind a successful organization are simply its volunteers. Over the last years a handful of people did the work of hundreds. Together we built up a community students can rely on, a network of support, a opportunity for self-development. We created traditions, strong friendships, memories for life.

We, the Board, know that we can only be as strong as our volunteers are and are proud of the team we have for this academic year. As a unity, we want to develop EMSA further and bring it to the next level.


Frederick Biermann


For me, EMSA is in general about connecting students and accomplishing together something that matters.

As young Europeans, we grew up in this multicultural environment that gives us a lot of opportunities such being able to study here as “foreign” students. I believe that international understanding works fastest and easiest when young people come together, and if I could do with EMSA just a tiny impact in that process I would be very glad.

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Lukas Schreiber


EMSA accompanied me from the beginning of my studies. It is a place that allows me to get involved from the first moment. It is a unit where we learned how to cooperate and to work together as a team.

Especially here in the English section where you have people from around the world. It empowers us as members to build up relations that will last for decades and helps us to grant a common future where all the med students are in constant exchange with each other, share the experience and shape the medicine in a modern and visionary way.

Now as a part of the Board, we need to think about new ways on how we want to actively shape a common vision for the students of UMF together with our team.

Annika Wanner

Head of Medical Education Department

Hasan Alsharoh

Head of Medical Education Department

Robert Sadean

Head of Social Events Departyment

Paula Sander

Head of Social Events Departyment

Dalia Jesse

Head of Public Health Department

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Maha Tarhouni

Head of Human Rights & Peace Department

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Charlotte Le Roux

Head of Merchandise Department

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