Research Department

Research that matters: a meaningful impact on the academic world

Who are we?

The Research Department at EMSA is dedicated to promoting and fostering scientific research and academic writing among students. We provide guidance and support to students who are interested in conducting research or writing a thesis or dissertation. Our department works towards enhancing the research skills of students by providing them with opportunities to connect with professors and researchers who can guide them in their research pursuits. Through workshops, training sessions, and seminars, we help students to develop their research and writing skills, and learn about the latest advances and trends in their fields. Our aim is to create a nurturing environment where students can thrive and achieve their academic and research goals, and we are proud to play a key role in shaping the future generation of scholars and researchers.

What are our goals?

Our Research Department aims to encourage and promote scientific research among students, to foster collaboration between students and professors, and to provide opportunities for personal and academic growth. We strive to provide resources and support to students who are interested in conducting research, helping them to develop research skills and to produce high-quality research projects. We also aim to facilitate the publication of student research projects and to provide opportunities for students to present their work at academic conferences and symposiums. Ultimately, our goal is to inspire and equip students to become active participants in the scientific community and to pursue their academic and professional goals with confidence and enthusiasm.

We are gathering information of existing research circles of the UMF and try to create easy access to research projects. Getting into touch with PhD students and professors and make new connections. Providing a platform for students to get involved in research projects is a great way to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing.

One project is an informative event regarding the thesis. It is a way to help students prepare for their graduation requirements by providing the information they need and experience from 6th-year students to successfully complete their thesis.

Furthermore we offer an open space to everyone to bring in new ideas for projects, workshops and events.

Management of the Project