Throughout the year we have many projects and events we are proud of. Sadly, we cannot list them all. But here you can see our biggest ones!


Haematology Project

As students, we have the possibility to learn and practice in the numerous hospitals in Cluj-Napoca. This is very important part of our education. What would we be, if we can’t see with our own eyes, can’t practice with our own hands the manoeuvres and techniques needed to make sure our patients get better? We have noticed, that one of our teaching hospitals is in bad shape to ensure the care of its patients. We therefore took the task upon us to talk to the hospital staff, ask about the necessities and collect the money needed to make the donation. Within one year, we were able to put aside the money from our events and donate it in form of electrical beds, wheelchairs, automatic sensory water taps and roll cars to store medicine.



Another big project of ours is the MedRun. As you can guess from the name, it is a sports event, which doubles as a charity event. The money we are able to collect there, we dedicate to projects we are currently working on (last year to the Haematology Project).

To make the day a success, we organized two different runs, one “normal run” one so called “fun run”, which is a relay and each team shows up in different costumes. Not only the fastest team wins, but also the best dressed, which makes it so much more entertaining. The participants can sleep very well after the run, having done something good for their own health as well as something good for others. As we got such good feedbacks from everybody, we will try to make it an annual event, each time hopefully bigger and therefore collecting more money for charity.


Welcoming Trip

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Sometimes it can be really hard to be far from your home, knowing that your family and friends are 100s to 1000s of kilometres away. Therefore, we take it upon us to make everyone, but especially the new students, feel welcomed and help them build a new home. And what better way, then to meet people, make a bunch of new friends and share incredible memories with them?

In the beginning of each academic year, we invite everyone (freshmen as well people from higher years) to pack their bags and come with us on a weekend trip. Together, we part to visit new places in our beautiful country, have awesome parties and share memories, that will connect us for the rest of our time in Cluj (and hopefully longer).


Rudi Rockt

You love good food and good company? If your answer is yes, you have to sign up for the next Rudi Rockt event! The concept of Rudi Rockt is already well known in many German cities - A running dinner, where you get to meet many new people by cooking one of three courses of the meal at your place and visiting two others for the other courses. After dessert and some drinks at the last station, everyone meets for an after-party, where you can meet the others, you hadn’t had the chance of dining with.

Sounds tempting? We thought so. Hope to see you too at our next Rudi Rockt! Noroc!


What’s Next? Meet with UMF Alumni!

We got into Med school, are currently working hard to finishing our studies and being a doctor. But the journey isn’t over then: what happens next? This event is dedicated to this question.

 We annually invite past Alumni who graduated from Cluj-Napoca and are currently working in different countries. They will present what they went through to get to where they are now! At the end of the presentations there will be an open questions session in which they will answer your lingering questions regarding your medical career. If you are not sure what’s next, this is the perfect opportunity to get an idea or even figure it out!