Procrastination Workshop

Do you struggle with time management and end up with all the work just days before the exam? We will show you how to avoid this and rock the upcoming exam-session! 

Procrastination is a common problem among students and it’s hard to determine its cause. Not only is it incredibly hard to avoid procrastination, but it’s also hard to keep the balance between having good academic results, but also emotional well-being throughout med school.

Our Mentally Grand Project is delighted to announce their first workshop to help you increase productivity and lower your stress level. In collaboration with the University Psychologist Ana Tegzesiu, we will teach you how to reduce procrastination with different techniques, especially handy for the upcoming exam session

Friday 20.01.23, 7 pm
Location: Modern language building, Room 1
Participation fee: 5RON
Duration: around 50 minutes


Book your place now by registering with the link in bio Don’t lose this opportunity. If you miss it, we will miss you

Your Mentally Team


Sorry, we reached our maximum capacity at the moment.