Honorary Members

At the heart of our organization are honorary members who have made outstanding contributions in their fields; people whom we consider exceptionally talented and deserving of recognition. We express admiration through granting them an honorary membership within our association – one which they thoroughly deserve given all that they have achieved throughout their careers or studies thus far! Featured on a dedicated webpage within our site are descriptions highlighting each members substantial accomplishments which serve as a tribute not only to those people but also inspirational examples for others seeking motivation from such exceptional individuals. Our aim is clear when presenting these remarkable figures: we want visitors to learn more about their journeys and gain insights into the innovative ideas, unique experiences, and groundbreaking work.

We hope this collection of exemplary individuals will serve as a source of motivation, encouragement, and admiration for all who visit our website. Our website features a page solely dedicated to our esteemed honorary members, which we cordially invite you to explore. This virtual realm houses an abundance of information regarding these remarkable individuals and their noteworthy accomplishments.

Tudor Secășan

Former Vice President of Academics – Faculty of Dental Medicine (2021 – 2022)

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Adriana Alupei