Introducing you to the department of

Medical Education

Studying medicine is not always a treat, as it often comes down to:

  • hammering detail after detail in your head,

  • trying to understand complicated processes in our body,

  • studying some more.

For everyone out there, lost in translation, we try to help by organizing workshops with professors from our University and experienced students, so the penny finally drops or you finally remember these details with some clever mnemonic. For everyone who has long studied and understood everything and still wants to learn more: we organize congresses and seminars and cooperate with various institutions. These will offer you the chance to improve your skills, enlarge your knowledge and trigger you to think outside the box.

Alongside our department, we have the mentoring program. It is designed for the new students, who experience the helplessness once they start the new chapter in their life. Students from upper years take care of the freshly arrived ones and guide them throughout the year, teaching them how to survive.

Heads of Department: Annika wanner, Hasan ALSHAROH. Get in contact now.

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Introducing you to the department of

Public Health

Our volunteers from this department try to promote public health by organizing events that aim to increase awareness and knowledge amongst everyone. In light of this, the department started last year by introducing the Movember (men’s health) to our beautiful and will extend their efforts with the Pink October (women’s health) this year.

Additionally, we try to give back some of the good, that we as foreign students receive on a daily basis by the people of Cluj, with charity projects like the Hematology Project and the International Christmas Gift Exchange.

Head of Department: Dalia Jesse. Get in Contact Now.

Vice-Head of Department: Soon to be announced

Social Events Dep.jpg

Introducing you to the Department of

Social Events

We believe in the philosophy of work hard, play hard. As the academic year goes along, we try to bring some joy to our hard-working students. They’ve all probably had more than one sleepless night sitting over notes for an exam the next day - trying to remember the 100th marking on the same bone, the 10th amino acid with apparently the same structure, the long af formula to calculate some statistical value, or simply one detail, that one just keeps on forgetting.

Into those dark hours of the night and seemingly endless days, we try to shed some light by creating events to have some fun, to meet new friends for life and to make all the hard work worthwhile. Stay tuned for us to announce e.g. the annual Welcoming Trip for the freshmen, the epic After-Session Parties or the regular running dinners “Rudi Rockt”.

Heads Of Department: Paula Sander, Robert Sadean. Get in Contact now.

Vice-Heads of Department: Soon to be announced

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Introducing you to the department of


Hi there, we are the Merchandise Department. We are here for your disposition for all the good stuff: We provide you with sweaters, t-shirts, cups, notebooks, agendas and various other merchandise products.

We also make sure, that you won’t miss any of the other departments’ awesome projects, by keeping our Instagram and Facebook Pages always up to date.

Head of Department: CHARLOTTE LE ROUX. Get in Contact now.

Human Rights and Peace Department:

Hi, this is the Human Rights and Peace Department, led by one of our ambitious members: Maha Tarhouni. The department is our newest addition to the organization and was founded throughout this summer. We didn’t organize anything yet, but we are sure, we will find many issues to address and fight for!