We promise…

Studying medicine has the reputation being tough. This doesn’t come from nothing. Between confusing lectures and long sleepless nights full of desperation during the exam session, it is easy to forget what really matters and what motivated you in the first place.

Therefore, as EMSA, we promise to provide mutual help and collaboration among the students - a network of support. It is our duty as representatives of the English Section to defend and promote the interest of all students of UMF Cluj.

Along your journey, you encounter a lot of challenges and opportunities that train your abilities which will be important in becoming a doctor. For this reason, together with the Faculty, we are improving the quality of educational and medical act so that you will have the chance to make the best of yourself on your way of getting the long-desired Title of your life.



The distribution of the English, French and Romanian Section among the University.


The Senate is the highest governing body of “Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy. It consists of academic staff members and to 25% of students’s representatives. We are part of those 25%!

The principles that rule the organization and functioning of the university, as well as the norms that regulate the activity of the academic community are established by the University Charter, which is adopted by the Senate. The Chairman of the Senate represents the Senate in relation with the Administration Council and the Rector of the university and rules the meetings of the Senate.

Medicine Faculty’s Council

The Council is the highest governing body of the Faculty of Medicine. It consists of 30 academic members and 10 students. The representative of international students and resident physicians are invited mandatory to participate in the Board meetings. The Dean of the Faculty chairs the Council.

Currently we are working on having one representative in the Dentistry Faculty’s Council. Wish us luck!


To be announced after the elections.



Our Structure

EMSA is a non-profit organization which made its first step into the world on March 2nd, 2017. The General Assembly is the supreme governing body which includes all active members. In between two General Assemblies, the Association is headed by the Board of Directors, which is made of one President and two Vice-Presidents.

The Representatives is the organizational body that helps us doing our job in relation with the University. This body includes several types of student representatives (group, series, year, faculty) that ensures a good communication flow between the students and the Faculties, regardless of matters of administration or academic issues.

The Treasurer takes care of the financial part. The Censor Committee assures that every organizational body of EMSA acts conform the Statue and the Internal Regulation and is therefore independent.

The Departments are what we consider the heart of EMSA. This is where all the action takes place. Each Department has its own purpose and is formed to its needs independently. There are in total five Departments with ten leaders. You can find more information about each department here.



Delegation for the 40th General Assembly of FASMR.

This year - 2019 - EMSA managed to become a permanent observer in FASMR - as first English association in Romania. FASMR (Federation of Romanian Medical Students Associations) is an organization that works for the professional, scientific and cultural interests of medical students all over Romania. FASMR in turn is part of a worldwide network of medical students’ associations - International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) - connecting members from over 123 countries, representing them in front of the UN and WHO and working with the World Medical Association.

This brings us one step closer to be nationally and internationally represented. Being a part of this greater community means we will be able to participate in more projects and collaborations with other associations and provide more opportunities to get involved. We believe it is a great chance, that we were given this opportunity. We want to specially thank OSM (Organizația Studenților Mediciniști din Cluj) and FASMR to make this possible!

Check out their websites: